Visiting Spain and first travelling to Europe

My recent trip to Spain, it was one of my great experience and excited travelling time and moments.



During my very first trip to Spain or Europe continents for a conference that brings people from all over the world to talk about freedom of expression and technology. It was a working conference, combining hands on training, policy discussions, and impromptu hacking on established tools as well as prototypes. It was such as great learning experience and tons of knowledge that I could bring back to my country (Cambodia). I still keen to continue working and research on these matters and applying to where that can make a great impacts to the community.


Apart from the conference, I could enjoy the:

Visiting Valencia: It is a old and great city. It is not a big city but consist all friendly people and great old architecture buildings in the old town.




Visiting Madrid

I was lucky enough that one of my old colleague who was working with me in Cambodia host me warmly at his house. I felt like a home stay enjoying many great Spanish foods and city tour. IMG_2159

Oldest city gate


Of course, many people who travelling to Spain would love to stay the local foods and they would never forgot about them.

My Spanish friend teach me how to do this

Fresh Strawberry with sugar


Yeah, real football match . I made it!


The Royal Palace

Location: Spain (Madrid and Valencia)

Date: March 2016


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